Quote of the day

"Love is like a violin. The music may stop now and then, but the strings remain forever."
- unknown

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Dislike this DISTANCE

You see, Hoopoe lives miles away from me, for a major part, ours has been a long distance relationship. I always thought that I would be good at maintaining such a relationship, but, little did I realize that these emotions would be the kind that I never handled before; the stomach lurching feeling, inability to breathe, feel like throwing up at the little sadness or hurt, that plagued our relationship.

Well, the awareness is always there, that we are two different people from two different cultures, with different opinions, and hence, bound to differ. Still, sometimes, those differences do cause more than a little tiff.

Now, we are nearly about four years into our relationship, yet, staying away from Hoopoe gets more difficult. Gosh! I thought, I would come to terms with living away from him and dealing with my emotions… how wrong I was!!!! I yearn for him more and more, and when in a bout of pain, then even more than before I need that soothing voice to float into my ears. Wait! Don’t get me wrong! I’m in no infatuated stage, because, when I’m irritated with him, the same voice can make me hit the roof!!!! I wonder if Hoopoe too feels the same when disturbed and I happen to be the reason!

Presently, Hoopoe doesn’t live all that far away from me, but, not very near too, which makes it nearly impossible to meet everyday. To crown it all, Tuesday, was one of those not so good days (more about it in the next post), I kind of handled my feelings badly, and may have hurt him. Hence, I want him to be with me, so that; I can hug him tight and tell him that I’m sorry. A touch speaks a million words!!!! This is one huge drawback of a long distance relationship, the feelings kind of linger for longer than needed, however, on a more positive side, we have kind of learnt, to directly deal with the issue rather than hurting the other, because, the emotions felt after lashing out are even worse than the original feelings. All said and done, I feel the need to hold him and look into his eyes and say that I am sorry.

As I write this, it’s time for him to call up, so I got to go; all my attention to the love of my life..

Hoopoe, come home soon…

- Sweetness

Thursday, January 28, 2010

An Introduction

I am, let's call me, 'Sweetness', who will be co-authoring this blog with my beau, let's call him "Hoopoe". Chosen the names Sweetness and Hoopoe, cause that's how we address each other at those times, when we feel really connected. Using this blog more as a means of expressing ourselves, and, of course documenting times that we remember, both the good and the not so good ones, and sharing it with those who believe in improving their relationship with passing time. Ours sure short has been one hell of an emotional roller coaster ride; looking back, all of it made us better individuals, a better couple, and, laid the foundation of what we feel is true love.

A little about me, Sweetness, I am a home bird, trying to recover from a number of physical complications which, involves a lot of pain, thereby, being holed up inside the house for a considerable period of time. For the good part, I ain't on medications and using nature therapy to beat my problems; will write more about the same in the coming days. However, no balm is as soothing and healing as the love that I receive from my Hoopoe. I pray, a year and a half from now, and I should be fantastic, like my Hoopoe always keeps telling me with the greatest faith and confidence, "2010 will be your last year of suffering."

About my Hoopoe, well well well, the more I say about him, the less it is. He is my Archangel, whose work takes him to distant lands. He is all that a wife would desire in a man, considerate, loving, understanding, sensitive to my needs, empathetic, supportive, responsible and the list goes on endlessly. He is one of those who will go out of his way to accommodate his family.

Desperately waiting to be married to this love of mine, however, at this point, my health, and, his career is keeping us apart, but, I'm sure for not very long.. In any case, who can live apart from a person having an irresistible nature as his!!!

I love you my Beloved..........