Quote of the day

"Love is like a violin. The music may stop now and then, but the strings remain forever."
- unknown

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Promise to You

You are a little flower; I’ll never let you fade
When the sun burns you, I’ll give you shade
To face your life’s battles, I’ll be your blade,
In troubled waters, I’ll be your oar so you can wade.

Your life’s burden I shall help you bear
I’ll cover you and won’t let you wear
You are my love; I’ll look after you with care
Together we are an inseparable pair.

In winter I won’t let you freeze
In autumn I’ll shield you from the breeze
Summer’s dust won’t even make you sneeze
I’ll make Spring handle you gentler than cheese.

You and I shall always have the finest weather
Gentle breeze, gentler than the feather
At unkindest of the season’s we shall hang on together
Even after death we shall love each other.

- Hoopoe

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Love You

I love you because you know how to appreciate
I love you because you make my heart pulsate
I love you because my life you animate
I love you because you are my dream soul mate.

I love you for your tender affection
I love you for the courage at your affliction,
I love you because you are my inspiration
I love you for your aspirations.

I love you because you are so caring
I love you because your voice is so alluring
I love you because your touch is assuring
I love you because you are a complete darling.

I love you because babes like you if any are few
I love you because you quench my thirst better than any brew
I love you from deep within because you are true
Most of all, I love you because you are you.

- Hoopoe

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Love

Your smile makes the bird sing,
Your touch makes my heart ring,
Sometimes I wonder if you are an Angel without wings,
You be my Queen and I’ll be your loyal King.

You fill my senses with your presence,
You have become my life’s essence,
My sight, sound and touch hold you in eminence,
You are my smell and taste’s quintessence.

You have moved my soul and my heart,
Your love has made you my inseparable part,
You are the wheel if my life is a cart,
Without you, I am a pointless dart.

You flavour my life like spice,
You keep me cool under stress like ice,
Baby I need you as my life’s auspice,
As in wedlock, our lives we splice.

- Hoopoe

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Man I’ve Become

I was like a savage in my ramshackle den,
Eating like a pig from a manger in my pen,
You spotted me floating in a stagnant fen,
And chose me from the sea of a million men.

You were taken aback by my beastly manner,
Dazed by my funny faces during our first dinner,
Jolted by my clothes which resembled a banner,
I can still recall those eyes looking at me like a scanner.

Our relationship was of infallible allegiance,
But when my crudeness contrasted your elegance,
You realized for our bond it was a nuisance,
And for my improvement, you issued an ordinance.

Though I was stubborn and petulant,
With my every little refinement, you were jubilant,
For all your effort and edifying talent,
Today, I ponder if I’ve become your dream gallant.

- Hoopoe

Friday, April 2, 2010

I Want To

Walk hand in hand with you on a beach,
Sit under a tree and share a single peach.

Feel the wind on serene mountain tips,
Look into your eyes and never let the moment slip.

Watch you wear your white dress of lace,
Feel your silky hair brush across my face.

Hear your breathe as on my lap you slumber,
Spend nights of rapture in our warm cosy chamber.

Play in the rain and watch you drench wet,
Sit across the valley and view the sun set.

Hear me read a novel or a romantic book,
Sit on my lap and feed me the recipe you cook.

Camp for a night on the bank of a river,
Warm your body with mine, when at night you shiver.

When I have to dream or have to make a wish,
These are the things I don’t want to miss.

- Hoopoe

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


In the middle of no where, I was all alone
Life was soundless music, it was a monotone
It turned around, when I had you as my own
I was happier than a dog that had his bone.

This blank canvas finally had a picture
My life was getting a firmer structure
A new colour, shade and a texture
Honey I want you as my life’s fixture.

You showed me how to keep a smile
Together I know we can walk a billion mile
Supporting each other like a strong pile
With you I shall soon walk the aisle.

I am waiting for the day we can marry
Lift you up and in my arms I shall carry
You are my Princess and gorgeous Fairy
I want you as only mine, my dearie.

- Hoopoe

Monday, March 29, 2010

Tribulation of Love

When I was down, you lifted me with your word
You made me soar higher than the bird.
I let my words trample you like the Mongol horde,
Played with your emotions as if it were a dart board.

I’ve never even thanked you for your letters,
Scores of them that have made me feel better,
So romantic, that I’m unable to read them without a stutter,
Words so precious, that they are beyond utter.

I never kissed you for the cards you drew,
The efforts you put, I never had a clue.
As with time when our love grew,
I realized your love is so pure and true.

I can’t end a chat without a fight,
My actions I know are more painful that a ferocious bite.
But, you still love and hug me tight,
You are my love, my angel in white.

- Hoopoe